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  • Company Teslianum ltd.

    Company Teslianum ltd. is the first small and medium company in South-Eastern Europe which began expertise in the field of providing advisory services in the field of market research studies as a basis for strategic positioning definition of different target groups: industrial companies, SMEs, non-profitable organisations, chambers of commerce, industrial associations, cities and local municipalities.

  • Mirjana Prljevic, CEO

    Mirjana Prljević, CEO

    Teslianum team

    Two decades experience of Teslianum team are mostly in the following areas: strategic framework definition for various stakeholders, from governments to the industrial companies, in the field of studies of research and development of energy efficiency, energy security, Energy Management System, local municipality development of public utility companies in water treatment, waste treatment and heating plants, strategic positioning and project management.

  • Miloš Dimitrijević CIO

    Miloš Dimitrijević CIO

    Project cooperation

    Work expertise is derived from project cooperation supported by IPA – EU funds for the Western Balkan, Danube strategy project cooperation, ADA: Austrian Development Agency funds for Western Balkan region, Horizon2020 with ASSOLOMBARDA, Milano and LEEN: Learning energy efficiency network – Karlsruhe, Germany, strategic partnership with Vision2020, London and Brussels based organization devoted to the Horizon2020 project cooperation for the Western Balkan region, and others. T²: TESLA SQUARE®, Akademija malih genija TESLA GENIUS®, TESLIANUM® Almanah INTEEGRAL®: International Energy Efficiency Source of Knowledge SCIENTIA: Small Cities Energy Efficient Innovatice Action.

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This exceptional publication on 74 pages providing insight into the life and work of the greatest inventors of all time Nikola Tesla. When we decided to compile the TESLIANUM Almanac, our intention was to help recreate, to the best of our ability, the Mind of Nikola Tesla – that fascinating, unique, open, constructive, and above all, free mind that has left us infinite treasures we now use every day. Almanac is an excellent award as a gift for successful students and pupils, the inspiration for the future great minds who are sitting in school, but also their teachers, an indispensable part of every library, in both school and home.

Please, be free to order TESLIANUM Almanac – all three or one of them – on the following emails: prodaja@klett.rs or president@teslianum.com or by phone: +381 11 3348 384.

Almanac 2016

Teslianum Almanac 2016

160 years on from the birth of Nikola Tesla, Center TESLIANUM would like to offer the Almanac Teslianum to the general public as a gift. When we decided to compile the Almanac Teslianum, our intention was to help recreate, to the best of our ability, the Mind of Nikola Tesla. Past, Present and Future with and behind Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla had very important messages for us and they have been woven into Almanac’s contents to remind us and warn us once again of our own behavior, the choices we act upon, and the decisions we make.

Almanac 2018

Teslianum Almanac 2018

It its second edition, the TESLIANUM Almanac affirms that the Spirit and the Work of Nikola Tesla are now more present in our lives than they have ever been before. Even during the life of Nikola Tesla himself. Here, we offer an array of ideas, findings, and techniques for which we were inspired by Nikola Tesla’s life and work. Thus, the three essential themes we refer to in the Almanac are: Energy, Education, and Robotics. Each of these themes opens many questions in answering the great challenge of today, both for the humanity as a whole, and for the individual as a part of the system.

Almanac 2019

Teslianum Almanac 2019

In its third edition, the TESLIANUM Almanac defines and explains three important fields and elements of our structure, our action, and environment. These are: Water – Ecology, Communication, Digital Era – Revolution 4.0. The consequences we suffer by everyday energy intertwining on the level of our own personality through interactions with other people, and the understanding of how much we contribute on a personal level to the progress of humanity and society, as well as the preservation of nature, are the central values of this year’s Almanac.


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